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A visual presentation solution for any size event, no matter the space


We have a range of data projections, from small portable units for intimate presentations, to 10k HD projectors with 200” screens for gala dinners and other large scale events with an audience. Our screens offer both front throw for the brightest and clearest image, and rear throw for a tidy finish and hidden components tidied by a black drape finish. For even larger events we can offer dual or multiple displays with a mirrored image. This can cater for groups in multiple rooms, or for a large audience in big conference spaces. We also offer custom projection mapping solutions to present your image onto unique shapes and displays using Resolume software.


Our LED screens are great for stunning high quality images for any event, which aren’t affected by ambient light as projectors can be. Our screens can be setup freestanding or flown from above and configured in many shapes and sizes. Our panels are 0.5m x 1.0m with a pixel pitch of 4mm (pitch is the space between each pixel).

Video walls  are perfect for a number of solutions such as Digital Signage, Live TV Broadcasting, Trade Show Displays, conferences, Awards Nights & Gala Dinners as well as festivals and dance events.

The unique and fascinating thing about LED screens is that they do not need to be setup and configured as one singular screen, but can be setup as multiple columns, shapes and separated screens to provide one large image or set of images.



We have a variety of TV displays for every situation. Small LCD TVs for presentation fold back monitors or exhibition displays or large LED TVs for power point presentations, event branding and content displays. We also have a range of stands suitable for each solution.